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It actually was not unlike how the tongue is used in an explorative way during cunnilingus, as a tool where a lot of energy and feeling is concentrated into the tip. ”)When I say affection, this could mean a few different things…If you meet a guy, and you’re super attracted, and he has a beautiful penis that is begging to be sucked, that is one thing, but understand that oral sex of any variety can pose safety concerns, and it’s up to you to take proper precautions to stay healthy.⚠️ Would you like ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐For some, that’s using a barrier.

He said the service was good, the chairs are nice and he was allowed to bust inside her mouth (always a win right? For the extra 300 baht you get a much prettier girl sucking off your Johnson.

When I wanted to become more proficient at blow jobs, for example, I started searching for scenes in Internet porn and asked for recommendations from friends and my partner.

I’ll never forget watching the classic Jenna Jameson moment that gave me the epiphany, “Ohhhhhh, THAT’s how I should use my tonguuueee! I would also rank communication and affection pretty highly.

”I previously had experimented with using the tip of my tongue on and around the head and frenulum. Talking about blowjobs with a partner is not only sexy, but it emphasizes the things they enjoy the most (“Baby, what was your favorite part last night when I was sucking your cock?

She took that concept and expanded it to use her tongue as a tease up and down the entire shaft, making small circles and little licks with the tip of her tongue rather than laying it flat against the side of the shaft and licking it “like a lollipop,” so to speak. ”) and can introduce new concepts or territory to explore (“How did it feel when I put my fingers behind your balls?