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In fact, f MRI imaging of the brain on cocaine and the brain when sexually aroused are virtually indistinguishable.Thus, people struggling with drug addiction are also at risk for sex and love addiction.You’re just beginning to build a solid foundation in sobriety, and you have a lot to learn.Without drugs or alcohol, you’re very vulnerable until you develop new, healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

Many such men search obsessively, usually online or using smartphone apps, for sexual partners, regardless of whether they are in an existing relationship.

Along with the excitement of new beginnings, you might find that getting sober can be lonely. Even though toxic relationships with people, places and things can release you, they also create a big hole.

You might be tempted to jump into dating, starting a new relationship, or even ending an existing relationship or marriage and start over.

Oftentimes, being involved with someone else takes the focus off of you and puts it on someone else.

Coping with changes in relationships in early recovery can put your sobriety at risk.. Remember, your primary objective is to take care of yourself and avoid distractions while you are still vulnerable.