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Debian ddclient not updating

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daemon_interval=”300″ Don’t forget to allow port forwarding on your router otherwise all attempts will fail.Flashed routers like the Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato firmware allow for a wide range of options when it come to choosing a DDNS provider from the web interface. This might be useful, # if you are using dial-on-demand run_ipup=”false” # Set to “true” if ddclient should run in daemon mode run_daemon=”true” # Set the time interval between the updates of the dynamic DNS name in seconds.# This option only takes effect if the ddclient runs in daemon mode.

You can find the network label in the Settings Tab of the Open DNS Dashboard. If you have special characters in your password wrap the password in single-quotes ( ' ).

Now for the server side I did [email protected]:/home/username# cat /etc/# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/use=web, protocol=namecheap server=dynamicdns.login=password=reallylongpassword @ # Configuration for ddclient scripts # generated from debconf on Tue May 26 PDT 2015 # # /etc/default/ddclient # Set to "true" if ddclient should be run every time a new ppp connection is # established.

This might be useful, if you are using dial-on-demand.

I thought I would update this post to better serve the readers.##tell ddclient how to get your ip address use=web, web=ip.#provide server and login details protocol=changeip ssl=yes login=your Login password=your Password #specify the domain to update your.lines as ddclient has reasonable defaults for these.

If you’re setting up a website you might be interested in why you need HTTPS for your web site.