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But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

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The Rash won’t go away until you go to Walgreen’s and buy some anti-itch creme. Responding will only encourage him to make a fake profile just to keep bothering you. And don’t for the Vamp no matter how drunk and lonely you are.

This is the type of guy who sleeps his way through entire groups of friends and makes things awkward for everyone in the future.

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I stop at the light on Broadway and Prince Street, and a handsome young man walks up to me and says, “Do you realize how cool you are?

I’ve always wanted to ride one of those.”“Hop on,” I respond, and he does.

Maybe you'll luck out and meet a great, out 15-year-old tomorrow.

Are you in your 40's and dating (or wanting to date) someone who is 20 years younger than you?

I’m riding my Segway home from a movie at 11 pm on a Monday night.

Find your stride, your way, your place and snuggle in.

That cozy warm space of dating your way will find you.10. You've heard it before: Trust is the basis of everything.

The 20-something gays are more bold, more aggressive and much more self-aware than previous generations.

Just keep in mind that there is almost a 20 year age difference, so while he's rockin' to Taylor Swift, you're humming The Commodores.